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Dr Crafty's Concoction Commission Prices! by DrCrafty
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Good evening everyone! Now that Dr Crafty has officially begun business, I want to let you all know that I have an official Dr Crafty twitter and Patreon now!

Please feel free to follow and support both myself and the show!

Dr Crafty's Concoction Commission Prices! by DrCrafty
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In preparation for my new secret project, to be revealed on May 25th, I'm unveiling an all new commission journal! You can see the new layout, options and prices in the thumbnail below.

Dr Crafty's Concoction Commission Prices! by DrCrafty

And below are the new slots! I've tweaked them around minorly and I'm looking forward to working on all new stuff for you guys. And hey, this time around, the things you commission may very appear in my secret project~

But for now, Happy shopping!

Simplified - $15 (NSFW option +$10)
Limit of 5 per customer per slot
:bulletgreen: - Tohokari-Steel - 5 simplified
:bulletgreen: - VoltronZ1 - 1 simplified
:bulletgreen: - Gamemaster999 - 2 simplified
:bulletgreen: - HEARTZMD - 1 simplified
:bulletgreen: - TheArcticDemon - 1 simplified

Creature - $15 to $45
Limit of 5 per customer per slot
:bulletgreen: - VoltronZ1 - 1 creature
:bulletgreen: - YRPOtaku169 - 1 Creature
:bulletgreen: - rondome18 - 2 Creatures

Full body - $45 (+25 for additional characters) (NSFW option +$10)
Limit of 4 per customer per slot
:bulletgreen: - rondome18 4 fullbodies
:bulletgreen: - VoltronZ1 - 1 fullbody
:bulletgreen: - YRPOtaku169 - 1 Fullbody
:bulletgreen: - Zirocoh - 1 Fullbody

To order a concoction, send me a note here or email me at Detailed instructions can be found in the thumbnail above

Alternatively, if you can't afford a commission, but still want to support me: Buy me a kofi!

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But for now, Happy shopping!

Trying this out! Ko-Fi!

Wed May 10, 2017, 9:11 PM
You know, a lot of the time people tell me they don't have enough money to buy a full on commission from me, but still want to contribute and support my work in one fashion or another. So I started seeing folks use this new tool called Ko-fi and I thought: why the hell not, and see if it gets me a little pocket change between commissions periods, and maybe give my secret project a little bit of starting momentum.

So guys, if you wanna support my work even just a little bit, just give this button a click!

Buy Me a Coffee at

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Good evening everyone! As you can no doubt tell, things are gonna be changing over these next 2 weeks before my big reveal of my secret project! As such, I've already begun making changes to my page! 

Now here's what concerns you guys. Soon enough, I'm gonna be removing a good chunk of folders from my viewable gallery, as well as moving a vast portion of my public images as well in order to tidy up and organise my gallery before the reveal.

so if there's anything you wanna save, do so as soon as possible before it becomes trickier to find! Thanks in advance for understanding, and do continue to support my work!

MTC news: Secret project reveal May 25th!

Journal Entry: Sun May 7, 2017, 10:12 PM

Click the thumbnail for commission details!

Mature Content

MTC Commissions: OPEN again! by MTC-Studio
Commissions Price List *UPDATED REGULARLY* by RinLockhart

So guys, now that I'm approaching the last leg of my commission run. I can start making preparations for the reveal of my long teased secret project. However, while I've done all the preparations I can do from my end, there's some things I can only progress with after I get a helping hand from you guys.

So consider what I'm about to tell you a SOFT REVEAL. How can you guys help the launch of this project go more smoothly, you ask? Simple!

Go to this link, and hit the subscribe button. I need 100 of you to do this so that it can have a custom URL, which will make sharing the link way easier on launch day…

Everything will become clear on May 25th~

MTC Commissions: TO DO LIST (May 12th)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 4:30 PM

Click the thumbnail for commission details!

:thumb636779925: Commissions Price List *UPDATED REGULARLY* by RinLockhart

Here's a full updated list of my commissions, including the new years commissions I gotta do. I've had suuuuch a nice break, and felt super productive on my secret project. Since I'm currently waiting on some things before I can finish off the tail end of my secret projects initial stuff, I'm gonna get right back to commissions! So I've made this new list to keep everything organized.

So expect fresh commission production very soon!


Commission slots/To-Do list

Chibis (Max of 10 characters per slot)

Slot 1: Tohokari-Steel - 5 chibis - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 2: BlueHecate - 2 chibis - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 3: Dimension-Dino - 2 chibis - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 4: MonkeyTheMan - 3 chibis - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 5: Mystilik-Mew - 1 chibi - :star: DONE! :star:

Extra Slot: Tohokari-Steel - 3 chibis - :star: DONE! :star:

Creatures (Max of 6 characters per slot)

Slot 1: TheReddestMage - 2 creatures - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 2: Krockman18 - 4 creatures - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 3: BooRat - 2 creatures - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 4: miriakiko - 9 Creatures - :star: DONE! :star:

Full bodies (Max of 3 characters per slot)

Slot 1: rondome18 - 3 full bodies - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 2: AlexLyre - 1 full body - :star: DONE! :star:

Slot 3: BlueHecate - 2 full bodies - :star: DONE! :star:


(Available in Chibi and Fullbody only. Slots follow same amount limits)

Slot 1: VMa3 - 2 adult full bodies - :star: DONE! :star:

Sunday - Slot 2: BlueHecate - 3 chibis - (Leonardo, Mona Lisa, Raphael)

Slot 3: Bananadumbledore - 3 adult fullbodies - :star: DONE! :star:

Valentine's slot: Krekka01 - 3 fullbodies - :star: DONE! :star: